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Battle archery
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Enjoy a thrilling day out where you will have the chance to wear each other out shooting arrows at each other in a series of games which are both challenging and fun! Battle Archery was developed to use a foam tipped arrow that can be fired safely in a game.If you have done paintball and walked away with some heavy old bruises then that will not happen with Battle archery. This can be a fast and physical game for the competitive team.Before the fun begins, the team will be given a safety and instruction briefing along with their safety equipment!Teams play against each other. The idea is to”tag” your opponent to score points. When a player is tagged they are eliminated from the game.There is a chance to respawn your team members just as you would in dodgeball. Players also shoot at targets to add extra points to their team scores.A game ends after a specific period of time once all opponents are eliminated. The rules of the games will be explained before the games commence.

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